5 Best Supply Chain Reads to Start Your Week - January 8, 2018

Posted by Chris Brablc on Jan 8, 2018 10:15:30 AM

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Each week we look for the best blog posts and articles on supply chain orchestration, logistics innovation, and industry news to share.

We also just posted our Top 10 Posts from 2017 with our most popular reads!

This week we're talking key trends for manufacturers, predictions for the supply chain in 2018, improving returns in the supply chain, supply chain risks and digital disruption.

Here are 5 of our favorites from this past week - enjoy!

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Manufacturing IT: Investing in the Future by Felecia Stratton (@ILMagazine)

Good take on manufacturers and the key trends from IDC that will be impacting their supply chain strategies in 2018. Key to this is the ecosystem and experience development, which is critical to supply chain orchestration.

Sorry, I’m Not Sure: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2018 by Adrian Gonzalez (@talkinlogistics)

Terrific trends piece from Adrian on the key investments that he sees companies need to make in the supply chain. Completely agree on focus on customer experiences, long-tail supply chain visibility and cleaning up the returns process.

With Growth of eCommerce, It's Many Unhappy Returns in Supply Chain by SC Digest (@SCDigest)

Reverse logistics especially around returns is typically tough with our current technologies. We are seeing the need and rise of Order Management Systems helping to provide better visibility and execution of these processes.

3 Types of Risk That Will Impact Supply Chains in 2018 by Rob Savitsky

We all know that some aspects of the supply chain are out of our control. This article puts perspective on the core threats to our supply chain and emphasizes the need for agility and flexibility in the face of these disruptions.

How companies can embrace digital disruption by Dan Brightmore

Digitization is changing how we measure and execute in our supply chain and this article documents many of the ways that we should look to embrace it with new technologies that enable automation and visibility.

And that's our top five for this week. Did we miss any? Let us know via twitter @MPObjects

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