5 Supply Chain Reads to Start Your Week - November 27, 2017

Posted by Chris Brablc on Nov 27, 2017 8:48:46 AM

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Each week, we look to write and share the best, most-up-date content on supply chain orchestration, logistics innovation and industry news. To this goal, here are the 5 articles that we liked the most from the past week to start your work week off right. I'd also suggest you read the wrap-ups from All Things Supply Chain and Talking Logistics.

This week we're talking about supply chain digitization, supply chain complexity, technology innovation, 3PL tech investment and Black Friday. Enjoy!

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Digital transformation: Raising supply-chain performance to new levels By Enis Gezgin, Xin Huang, Prakash Samal, and Ildefonso Silva

Interesting study on the impacts of digitization on the supply chain and need for supply chain agility.


Supply Chain Complexity - The Growing Challenge for Performance by Wilson Perumal and Company (@Wilson_Perumal)

While this is from 2015, there are some great points and visualizations on the growing supply chain complexity that is forcing change in our strategies.


Navigating the Supply Chain Management Fault Line by Lora Cecere (@lcecere)

Worth a read on the technology trends that are forcing innovation within organizations as they look to address gaps with legacy systems.


3PLs and shippers slowly adopting more automation, digitization tools by Brian Straight (@truckingtalk)

Good stats on 3PL's adoption of technology and why they are looking to adopt it. While blockchain is growing as an option, there are other technologies such as supply chain orchestration that address these same problems and benefits.


Black Friday: If your supply chain isn't ready now you're in trouble! by Mike Mortson (@mmortson)

One of many Black Friday posts but liked this one as it discusses the areas of focus for organizations as they look to improve supply chain visibility and other key areas.


Those are our top 5 from last week. Did we miss any? Let us know your favorites and ones we should include next week by reaching out on Twitter @MPObjects!

5 Trends Forcing Innovation in the Supply Chain

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