6 huge Supply Chain Improvements starting with a simple Invoice

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on Jun 6, 2016 8:20:37 AM

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Are you aware that Invoice Matching is potentially your biggest Supply Chain improvement tool?

Unfortunately in many logistics operations it is only used in a limited way.

Many invoice related procedures are detached from the actual supply chain operations and therefore do not contribute to process improvement and cost saving in a structural way. At least not to the extent it potentially could.

Want to continuously improve:

  1. transportation audit and control;
  2. your transportation network;
  3. consolidation and backhaul utilization;
  4. supply chain execution;
  5. carrier management;
  6. dynamic carrier selection?

Step into the world of “Dynamic Invoice Matching”

By adding dynamics to the process, Invoice Matching becomes your sharpest business tool.

Dynamic Invoice matching places the invoice process right in the heart of your operations and provides you the means to validate your bill along SLA, actual performance, agreed tariffs, contracts and prices. Any discrepancy can be reviewed monitored and related back to the actual process and performance.DIM_Process_DIM_.png

This could be your ignition point for Integrated Transportation Management (ITM) and substantially contribute to building strategic advantages in your market!

These improvements can translate into increases in a company’s operating income >10% percent.

Calculate your potential improvement SCORE

We invite you to use the MPO SCORE tool. It provides you an estimation of the potential improvements Supply Chain Orchestration Software can add to your business.

Click the button to start the tool!

MPO SCORE on Supply Chain Orchestration


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