How Retailers Scapino, Hema and Hunkemöller manage e-fulfilment.

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on May 29, 2015 4:22:00 AM

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E-fulfilment and Supply Chain Management and Hunkemoller, Hema and Scapino

How Retailers choose to fulfill their customer needs most effectively, will be decisive for retailers in the battle for gaining a strong competitive foothold in the Internet Sales Market.  Scapino, Hema and Hunkemöller have a clear vision on this subject. 

2 Strong Forces drive e-fulfilment

Internet Sellers need to handle 2 strong forces to be successful:

  1.        Rapid Growth
  2.        Unpredictability

The Vision of Scapino, Hema and Hunkemöller

In the Article “Capriciousness and growth steer e-fulfilment”, Supply Chain Movement describes the vision of leading Dutch Retail Chains Scapino, Hema and Hunkemöller on managing these 2 strong forces. In this article you will learn about:

  •                     Coping with growth
  •                     Instore returns
  •                     Instore collection
  •                     Cross border e-fulfilment
  •                     Inventory reliability
  •                     Allocation stock
Download Top Retailers’ Vision now!

Want to learn more on how retailers Scapino, Hema and Hunkemöller each have different approaches on this subject? Please download the article here:

SCM article e-fulfilment

Want to bring your e-fulfilment Approach into Practise?

We can imagine you want to put leading retailer visions into practise and would like a little help at the start? Please review our mindmap Supply Chain Orchestration. This mindmap provides you a high level overview on how to put the P of place into the heart of e-fulfilment.

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