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Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on Nov 14, 2015 10:53:41 AM

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The Main Software Top 50 is the prestigious annual ranking of non-listed Independent Software Vendors. MPO has been awarded the highest position in the software market for Supply Chain Management.

Scoring Criteria

The Top 50 scores are based on criteria such as company growth, recurring revenues and international business. MPO has shown to be successful on all these performance indicators, as a logical result of serving an increasing number of leading customers in logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and E-commerce.

Success Factors

First of all, MPO enjoys steep annual sales growth rates, which are in the higher double digit ranges over the years. Furthermore, MPO is a pure SaaS player providing web services over the Internet, so revenues do not come from one-off licenses, but relate to steady income from a growing number of users and transactions. Finally, the large majority of customers are international companies, who are using MPO for orchestration of their sourcing, distribution, returns and E-commerce over multiple regions, countries and continents.

Software Industry

Around 50% of the companies participating to the Main Software Top 50 grew over 20% last year and 64% expects to grow  all participating companies expect to grow with more than 20% in the next two years.  The percentage of international sales is 25% of total revenue on average, while a quarter of the companies even gets more than 50% of their total sales from abroad. The percentage of partner turnover on average is 14% of the total turnover, and partner sales correlates with overall growth. Most software companies succeed in growing while maintaining profitable, as more than 84% of the companies achieved a profit margin of more than 10%. The software companies also invest more in R&D than average,  with 86% of all respondents investing more than 10% of their turnover in R&D.

More Information

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The mindmap below provides further information on MPO for Supply Chain Orchestration.
Mindmap Supply Chain Orchestration

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