Top 5 Supply Chain Reads to Start Your Week - April 23rd, 2018

Posted by Eunice Marigliano on Apr 23, 2018 10:26:06 AM

Each week we look for the best blog posts, articles, and commentary on supply chain orchestration, logistics innovation, and industry news to share.

This week we're reading reading one manufacturer's transition to a D2C model, Auburn's Center for Supply Chain Innovation (CSCI), RILA, and DC Velocity's latest survey report on retailers' omni-channel 2018 spending plans, insights into why pharmaceutical companies are on a mission to reduce their supply chain complexity, and an optimistic outlook for the future of retail.

Here are our 5 favorites this week...

Lodge Manufacturing Forges e-Commerce Capabilities to Bolster Brand, Customer Experience - By Josh Bond, Supply Chain 24/7 (@SupplyChain247)- This manufacturer's direct-to-consumer transition story offers some important considerations around production, packaging, transaction fees, and more for other manufacturers who are considering taking this new path.

Report: Retailers Plan to Boost 2018 Spending on Omnichannel Fulfillment, Technology - By DC Velocity (@DCVelocity)- Results from a survey report of retailers above $1B in spending put on in conjunction with Auburn's (@AuburnU) Center for Supply Chain Innovation (CSCI), RILA (@RILAtweets) and DC Velocity, 2018 State of Retail Supply Chain, showing retailers planning to majorly invest to improve supply chain execution to gain greater agility, especially in the omnichannel fulfillment space, where speed and responsiveness are critical in 2018.

J&J Reshaping its Supply Chain Around Therapies of the Future - By Jacob Bell (@realjacobbell), Supply Chain Dive (@supplychaindive) - Innovative treatments like cell and gene therapies are testing the limits of an already complex pharmaceutical supply chain, in turn putting pressure on drugmakers to find solutions. In their first quarter earnings presentation, J&J noted discussions are ongoing, but so far the plans look like they'll focus on using strategic collaborations to a greater degree, reducing complexity within the supply chain, and improving cost-competitiveness, capabilities and network optimization.

Why We Should Be Optimistic About Retail - By Joel Bines (@Joel_Bines) and David Bassuk (@davebassuk), The New York Times DealBook (@dealbook) - The retail industry has been getting disrupted since the dawn of time, starting with artisans being disrupted by merchants. Today’s it’s Amazon, who claimed 40 cents of every retail dollar spent online last year, doing the disrupting. However, of the $5.7 trillion consumer retail spending done in the US, almost 92% of it was transacted in brick-and-mortar locations. There’s still more e-commerce growth to go. Further, store closings are helping to reduce what is seen as an overcapacity in retail. All the creative destruction essentially laying the path for a phoenix-like recovery down the road.

TIA releases its 2018 Freight Visibility Report - By Patrick Burnson, Logistics Management (@LogisticsMgmt) The Transportation Intermediaries Association (@3plAssociation) held their annual conference in Palm Desert last week where, among other things, they shared the results of a new report drawn from interviews with the largest 3PLs, as well as smaller technology leaders. The report notes that 3PLs are investing heavily in technology to deliver business intelligence. “Significant advances in visibility technologies have created a wide range of perceptions and expectations among shippers, including some that are inaccurate,” according to researchers.

And that's our top five for April 23rd. Did we miss any? Please let us know! Tweet us at @MPObjects.


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