Top 5 Supply Chain Reads to Start Your Week - April 2nd, 2018

Posted by Eunice Marigliano on Apr 2, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Each week we look for the best blog posts, articles, and commentary on supply chain orchestration, logistics innovation, and industry news to share.

This week we're reading about hospital supply chains and inventory management, SaaS and its effect on large project adoption, how e-commerce is changing the logistics landscape and the evolving supply chain strategies of the apparel industry.

Here are our 5 favorites - enjoy!

Poor Supply Chain Practices Plague Hospital Operating Rooms - by Les Masterson, @lesmasterson Supply Chain Dive, @SupplyChainDive - A new Cardinal Health survey of of surgical staffs and hospital supply chain decision-makers reveals some startling areas for improvement in hospital supply chains. 27% said they have seen or heard of an expired product being used on a patient. And 23% have seen or heard a patient harmed because of a lack of supplies. The issues go back to inventory management systems, as 83% of respondents said their organizations manually count in some part of the supply chain.

SaaS Makes it Easier for Big Projects to Get Approved...Just Kidding - by Steve Banker, @steve_scm, Logistics Viewpoints, @logisticsviewpt - SaaS, it is presumed, helps shorten sales cycles because its 'software rental model' fits an OPEX expenditure, not a CAPEX one. This hasn't been the case for supply chain managers and their software purchases as Steve Banker of ARC Advisory discusses in this blog post.

Report Urges Apparel Companies to Stop Chasing Low-Cost-Country Sourcing - by CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly - Kurt Salmon,(@KSRetail) a Division of Accenture Strategy, has a new report out and is warning that low-cost-country sourcing is no longer a viable long-term strategy for apparel companies. Recommendations include improving time-to-market and delivery reliability. For many companies, this will mean adopting digital technologies that can enable better collaboration, visibility, and control across the entire value chain.

E-Commerce: Cultivating a New Logistics Landscape - by Inbound Logistics, @ILMagazine - Great read on how the 'Amazon effect' and more generally, e-commerce, are blurring the lines between manufacturers, distributors and retailers. "Having technology that can provide inventory visibility across channels and drive proactive management is critical for both business-to-business transactions and direct-to-consumer sales," according to Saddle Creek Logistics' vice president of fulfillment services, Perry Belcastro. Another change is the consumer-like behavior of many industrial and manufacturing customers. "They want their orders fulfilled quickly, at a price they want, and delivered where they want," says Adegoke Oke, associate professor of supply chain management at Arizona State University.

Manufacturers' New Product Launch Ambitions Held Back by Lack of Digitisation - by Manufacturing & Logistics IT, @LogisticsIT‏ - Reinforcing the challenges ERP systems are well-known for such as getting visibility to the data that they hold, Winshuttle surveyed global manufacturing professionals who use SAP ERP systems to gain a better understanding of how large companies are impacted by changing market dynamics and found, among other things, that just over 50% of respondents collect some portion of this data manually.


Returns: Taming the Beast of eCommerce & Aftermarket Operations



And that's our top five for April 2nd. Did we miss any? Please let us know! Tweet us at @MPObjects.


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