Top 5 Supply Chain Reads to Start Your Week - April 30th, 2018

Posted by Eunice Marigliano on Apr 30, 2018 1:27:30 PM

Each week we look for the best blog posts, articles, and commentary on supply chain orchestration, logistics innovation, and industry news to share.

This week we're reading reading the new IT and logistics benchmark report, the need for new supply chain technology investment in pharma, the struggle to efficiently process e-commerce returns in the age of 'try before you buy' programs, how the digitization of logistics is giving the function a seat a the strategy table, and a new report out on the rising costs of US e-commerce logistics. Here are our 5 favorites this week...

Pharma Supply Chains Could Use a Tech Reboot - By Kate Patrick (@katepatrick_), Supply Chain Dive (@SupplyChainDive) - A deep dive into pharmaceutical companies and their need for supply chain technology investment for things like end-to-end visibility and inventory management "For a traditional retailer, inventory management can make a huge difference in the health of the company. But a pharma company like Pfizer can be the second largest drug manufacturer in the U.S. by revenue and still score a 4.25 out of 10 on its supply chain."

‘Try Before You Buy’: A Huge Logistics Challenge for E-Tailer - By Robert J. Bowman, Supply Chain Brain (@SCBrain) - Commentary on the logistical challenges of handling returns and how returns, and their associated headaches will only increase with the likes of Nordstrom Trunk Club and other 'try before you buy' programs that are trying to differentiate in a crowded and competitive e-commerce marketplace.

Digital Revolution Makes Logistics Key - By Global Trade Magazine (@GlobalTradeMag) - Highlights from PraxisForum Logistik conference where discussions turned to logistics moving from the sidelines to the center of strategic planning processes due to the speed, manageability, and cost-effectiveness digitization brings to it.

2018 Top 100 Logistics IT Market Research Survey - By Jason McDowell, Inbound Logistics (@ILMagazine) - The magazine's annual survey of the supply chain technology market gives interesting insights on cloud adoption and shows that visibility tops the list of transportation/logistics challenges that are most critical to customers at 82% of responses.

U.S. e-commerce Logistics Costs Expected to Keep Heading in One Direction: Up - By Jeff Berman, Logistics Management (@LogisticsMgmt) - A summary of a new report out by Armstrong & Associates (@armstrong_assoc) shows e-commerce logistics costs in the U.S. now accounts for 6.9% of total U.S. logistics costs, which is ahead of 2016’s 5.2% tally. It also noted that e-commerce logistics costs have a compound annual growth rate of around 15%, with the expectation that it will remain at the level or head further up.

And that's our five fave for this week. Did we miss any? Let us know by tweeting us @MPObjects.


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