Top 5 Supply Chain Reads to Start Your Week - May 14th, 2018

Posted by Eunice Marigliano on May 14, 2018 12:30:28 PM

Each week we look for the best blog posts, articles, and commentary on supply chain orchestration, logistics innovation, and industry news to share.

This week we're reading about the explosive growth in grocery e-commerce, how the third largest e-commerce retailer, QVC, stays competitive, the most common supply chain fallacies, technology and analytics in relation to the future of last-mile urban delivery, and the forecasted growth of the global supply chain management solutions market.

Let's get started...

Grocery E-commerce to Outgrow In-Store Sales Tenfold - By Progressive Grocer (@pgrocer) - Citing estimates from retail consultancy, Bricks Meets Clicks (BMC) (@BrickMeetsClick) models, shows online grocery sales rising to 8% by the end of 2018 and by 2022, nearly one-tenth of total grocery sales will be online, expected to grow 13 percent each year compared with the 1.3 percent compound annual growth rate expected in-store.

E-tail Pioneer QVC Refashions its Supply Chain in Digital Age - By Deborah Abrams Kaplan, (@KaplanInk), (@SupplyChainDive) - An interesting look at the third largest e-commerce retailer, QVC, and how they've built their logistics network. QVC and sister company Home Shopping Network, started in the mid '80s as 24/7 television programming selling thousands of products a week. The company has adapted to new channels of selling, opening their web shop in 1996 (just two years after Amazon!) and today offering mobile shopping, and even broadcasting on social channels like Facebook Live.

The Most Common Supply Chain Fallacies - By Steve Banker (@steve_scm), Logistics Viewpoints (@logisticsviewpt) - A refreshing and succinct post explaining five top supply chain fallacies including the over-optimization and silos that can occur with centers of functional excellence, corporate sustainability's true impact on a company's bottom line, how the common assumption that improved forecasting always leads to lower inventory levels, how pay levels could impact the so-called 'truck driver shortage' and how the garbage in/garbage out principle could be a big monkey wrench in the true traceability supply chain professionals want to get out of blockchain technology.

The Data Analytics Revolution in LAST-MILE Delivery - By Matthias Winkenbach, Ph.D (@mwinkenb), SupplyChain 24/7 (@SupplyChain247) - This guest post from the Director of MIT's Megacity Logistics Lab provides a thoughtful overview of the opportunities advanced analytics and complementary technologies like IOT and machine learning can play in urban last mile delivery. A really nice point on the use of technology to help overcome what legislators have been unable to accomplish through policy: collaboration by disparate logistics providers, carriers, customers and other vendors. Did someone say Multi-Enterprise Business Network?

Global Supply Chain Solutions Market to Hit $32.9bn by 2026 - By James Henderson, Supply Chain Digital (@SupplyChainD) - A nice article summarizing new market research from Transparency Market Research (@research_market) and interesting to note an 11.2% CAGR from 2018 - 2026 for supply chain software and solutions industry, the regions that will be expanding most quickly like North America and Asia Pacific, and the industry dominating this demand, the food and beverage industry.

And that's our five favorites for this week. Did we miss any? Let us know by tweeting us @MPObjects.


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